Private Hockey Lessons

Private Hockey Lessons

When people hear the term “Private Lessons”, they oftentimes think of their scary third-grade piano teacher with the raspy voice. Lessons with Lex has a goal of giving “Private Lessons” a new image. Playing hockey should be fun, at all times! This means kids should want to participate in games, practices, training, the works. Individual hockey lessons should be fun, educational, and taken with an instructor that can relate to the student. Most young hockey players, especially when they first hit the ice, are nervous but eager to learn. Lessons with Lex takes into consideration the student’s basic skill set and where they are at in their hockey development. From there, we will work on the fundamentals and master them. Lessons are a great way to learn the basics so that your hockey player can practice these skills outside of private lessons.

What We Work on at Private Lessons

What we work on at private lessons is really up to you! We can work on specific skills that your son or daughter may need a little extra coaching on or we can set up a long term plan to build a strong foundation. Lessons with Lex has a goal of strengthening your son or daughter’s core skills. These include skating and edgework, controlled stick-handling, shooting from all positions, speed and agility. Having these skills will not only ensure that your hockey player has a strong set of core skills, it will also give them the tools to be a creative hockey player.

If you have questions about what your player needs to work on, I will come out and watch her play to pin point specific areas that can be worked on at both practice and private lessons.

Group Lessons

If your hockey player works better in a small group, he/she can grab a few friends and do a group lesson. Lessons with Lex will provide a discounted price for each player. Call or email Lexi for more information at or call (586) 292-4918.

Lessons with Lex specializes in private hockey lessons for female hockey players. We skate at numerous rinks in the metro Detroit area like Hazel Park, Suburban Macomb, Rochester Onxy, Cranbrook, Fraser Hockeyland, Royal Oak and more.

Check out the pricing page for information on instructor fees, rink location and ice costs.