Private hockey lessons run for one hour and are available at a number of rinks in the metro Detroit area. Pricing for lessons will vary based on ice and arena availability, rink cost and drive time for the instructor. If the rink is more than a 30 minute drive, the instructor fee will go up slightly.

If your daughter has a a friend or a couple of teammates that would like to do a group skate, the instructor fee will be discounted.

Please contact Lexi with any questions or to get your lesson scheduled today!

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  1. Sherry Sharbaugh

    My son, hasn’t played for a year. He’s 15 and was asked to consider playing on his high school team. He will never be the fastest….but is always in the right spot at the right time….so his coaches say….We are trying to get him back in shape. He is a leader (assistant captain on his last team despite being the youngest player on the team) Once he is back in shape and gets his skills in order, he will be a force to be reckoned with. If you can provide one on one pricing it would be appreciated. Our goals aren’t NHL or College…although we aren’t opposed to such! LOL We just want him to play and love to play. Please advise!

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